Be Safe, Be happy.

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<p>As another Hurricane with one of the most stupid names given to it possible batters the coast of America, remember this - The world is watching, caring, and hoping that this time under the thumb of Sandy does not cause harm to anyone in its path.<br /><br />Remember, Be safe, be happy, and in the words of those now annoying fish wall brackets u can buy, dont worry about a ting, cus every little ting is gonna be all right.<br /><br /><br />Share the love, share the hope, take care, and we will see you all fit and well after this terrible natural thing that they have as said above stupidly named. At least they didnt call it Barbie. Then again, who wants a giant plastic doll attacking them?<br /><br /><br />Take care, my heart goes out to you all in the affected areas, and soon to be affected areas.<br /><br />==Jez==</p>

10/30/12 04:43:31PM @gene-smith:
Rhanks Jezza,

The Rabbit clan came through OK, a friends daughter lost her house and belongings to fallen trees and flooding, thank whatever higher power that they had evacuated!

Hope and well wishes to all affected.


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