Don Nivens
Don Nivens
Don Nivens

Long Dark Road

album: The Dog The Cat and The Mirror
genre: folk Rock
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Long Dark Road Copywrite: Donald M. Nivens Jr. Well I never been to Cleveland, I hear the weathers’ nice in spring But I’ve been to Minnesota, Man the...
Long Dark Road
05/20/17 08:46:10PM @avmo:
Beautiful song Don. Your vocal reminds me of Bob Seger...fantastic...congrats.
Gary Shukoski
03/09/17 12:10:39AM @gary-shukoski:
Spending my evening going through this awesome album of yours and diggin everything about it!
11/13/14 03:33:46PM @mikewhitepresents:
such a gorgeous, plaintive song Don..heard this on RN and really love hearing it again've got such an expressive warm and husky tone to your voice..just beautiful!!
10/17/13 06:52:02PM @dusty-burch:
Awesome Man!!!
Love the Washington references.

09/26/13 07:21:00PM @ocr-boys-bobby-g:
Man I like the hell out of this song
John R. Kennedy
09/13/13 07:59:09PM @john-r-kennedy:
Really enjoyed this song. Nice arrangement, vocals, lyrics, instrumentation and mix. Very nicely done.

Peace and Blessings, John

09/08/13 11:30:57PM @sylkay:
I just knew you would HIT the ground running he he :-)
09/07/13 08:10:38PM @tlt50:
~Exceptional....skills. Pristine recording...brilliant songwriting. Fabulous song....."BRAVO"

all the best, David,

Larry T


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