Don Nivens
Don Nivens
Don Nivens

Septembers Gone

album: The Dog The Cat and The Mirror
genre: Acoustic Rock
streams: 94

  Song Lyrics
Septembers Gone Copywrite: Donald M. Nivens Jr. 2012 (BMI) I was drifting, oh I had nowhere else to be So I struck out for tomorrow, a destination I don’t...
Septembers Gone
05/02/17 08:28:48PM @red-sheppen:
Absolutely GORGEOUS all round song Don - wonderful listen THANKS MAN!!
Gary Shukoski
03/06/17 07:35:45PM @gary-shukoski:
I was driving from California to Phoenix the other night when Bill played this on his show. It sounded so beautiful in my car that I had to ask my daughter to text in chat for me to see what this was! Amazing tune from front to back, sir! I was already aware of your music but this one slammed it home for me!
Farrell Jackson
09/07/13 11:07:41AM @farrell-jackson:
Great vocals, words and music! I like the way this song builds into each chorus and then explodes with a huge feel that summer is really gone. Nicely done!



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