Don Nivens
Don Nivens
Don Nivens

Under The Wing of an Angel

album: The Dog The Cat and The Mirror
genre: acoustic
streams: 79

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Under The Wing of an Angel copywrite: Donald M. Nivens Jr. 2013 (BMI) It’s hard to believe in a miracle When you’re suffering everyday It’s hard to ignore...
Under The Wing of an Angel
Gary Shukoski
03/09/17 12:57:06AM @gary-shukoski:
So far I love everything about this entire album. Nice blend of electric and rock elements into this track and great solos!
Lyrical Princess
01/19/14 05:59:24PM @lyrical-princess:
This is incredible. I love the vocals, instrumental, melody... simply everything about the song. The lyrics are very touching, and I think that so many people can relate. I think it's great that you've posted the lyrics. I like to read along, because it usually helps me to not misinterpret the meaning of a song. I've really enjoyed my listen. 5***** Thank you for the d/l

All The Best,

2012 BC
01/04/14 11:26:04PM @2012-bc:
Great stuff Don...can feel the passion...and killer production...I'll be back
Brett Service
11/09/13 10:58:25AM @brett-service:
A real gem of a song Don. Everything from the lyrical content, musical arrangement, performance and production are spot on. peace, Brett
John R. Kennedy
10/16/13 08:00:49PM @john-r-kennedy:
Nice song Don. Love the guitar sound and the mix is very nicely done. Great vocals and lyrics. Nicely done.

Peace and Blessings, John


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