Don Nivens
Don Nivens
Don Nivens

Wild Mountain Honey

album: The Dog The Cat and The Mirror
genre: Folk
streams: 100

  Song Lyrics
Wild Mountain Honey copywrite: Donald M. Nivens Jr. 2013 (BMI) Like a resin in the clover The sour wood will pour A wild mountain honey, into your soul...
Wild Mountain Honey
Gary Shukoski
03/09/17 12:24:42AM @gary-shukoski:
Your tracks are epic in their simplicity and beauty! Such mood music!
Brett Service
10/17/13 06:18:12PM @brett-service:
Excellent work Don. Such a well-written song, such descriptive lyrics, sung so well. I really like the instrumentation...the dobro, mandolin, and fiddle add such a dynamic to the song. Your guitar work is fluid and clear, and vocals are right on the money.
09/18/13 06:44:44PM @the-truevulgarians:
Awesome acoustic tune Don. I've fast become a fan of your work and just wanted to let you know it's appreciated. You obviously have a lot of talent as a writer, musician and vocalist. I like all of the tunes you've posted here and certainly encourage others to check them out. Look forward to more in the future. Just excellent!
John R. Kennedy
09/13/13 08:08:17PM @john-r-kennedy:
Love the sound of the guitar on this one. Nice arrangement, instrumentation, vocals, lyrics and mix. Very nicely done.

Peace and Blessings, John


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