Don Nivens
Don Nivens
Don Nivens

The Backyard Blues Bandits

album: TBA
genre: roots americana
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The Backyard Blues Bandits copywrite: Donald M. Nivens Jr.   In the heart of the southland there's a juke joint that hammers out the blues every Saturday...
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In 2013, Gips Place was raided by the Bessemer Alabama Police at the request of Bessemer city council. Gips Place is the Oldest Juke Joint left in the...
The Backyard Blues Bandits
Farrell Jackson
04/09/17 01:15:43PM @farrell-jackson:
Excellent blues Don and crew but the vocal and lyric/back story are the king here.....long live the juke joints!


04/09/17 12:37:29AM @david-c-deal:
Strong instrumentation.. rich and mature. Sounds great.


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