Don Waller
Don Waller

World Fall Down

album: Recovered Memory
genre: Rock
streams: 292

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I was talkin' to a friend of mine Said today the sun won't shine All this hurt and misery Is makin' me lose my mind Been livin' on lonely street Nobody...
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The first track from an EP I'm writing called 'Recovoered Memory.' It's going to be a set of original songs written in the style of Jimi Hendrix. This song...
World Fall Down
07/16/19 09:09:52PM @avmo:
This song was awesome...loved the guitar playing on this one ...two big thumbs up!
09/18/10 07:39:34PM @cooter:
You have got it goin on, Don. Great tune, wonderfully done, killer guitar, a joy to listen.
09/14/10 12:28:41PM @mark-reed:
This one rocks, everything about it screams Hendrix. That is no bad thing, excellent song well done
03/22/09 09:17:39AM @digger-stone:
been a big fan for a wile now, you really got it going on!this is a bad ass song from stat to finish.

rock on DW!you got the gift. imho

digger stone

07/05/08 07:33:40PM @ked-records:
I have always had the hugest amount of respect for DW as a muscian. He has the gift of not only songwriting but as well as a guitar player. I dont think it would matter what guitar you put in his hands it will come out sounding like Don Waller. His band is tight and seasoned. I have heard that Don's live shows are something to see. I understand that Don and his band tour the Long Island area of NY quite a bit.. and his orginal music has a following where ever he goes. I am a fan of course!
12/22/07 09:42:05PM @vesa:
Really a rocker; mid 60's sound, abit like a Hendrix styling. Good vocals; like the lyrics.

10/19/07 07:27:57PM @david-player:
Excellent tune. Haven't heard a song that good in a long time. That should be playing on every radio station. Nice stuff !!
06/01/07 12:38:59AM @hbkolb:
Great playing, mix and tone. You da man!!
02/05/07 11:11:41PM @skullguy:
Cripes! I heard someone say!!!

Got a real winner here, Bub..... Where's the next one...
Haven't felt this kind of anticipation in a long time... heh!

Great tune, good structure, technically adept...then there is the BREAK!!!
Cripes Almighty!
pro all the way around...
Good Job Dude!!

01/24/07 06:27:21PM @robert-smith:
I love it.
Grumpy Old Player
01/23/07 08:09:15PM @thedonsterproject:
Holy crap!! This is professional grade!!! The singing, the playing, the writing... Everything about this screams Professional! Hehe, it also screams 'Get this on your mp3 player!!,' but that's a problem we can talk about at another time...

This was pure joy to listen to!

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

01/23/07 07:00:21PM @dazed:
Nice playing and a very good mix (listening through headsets). Guitar playing and vox definitely jump out quite nicely!

Great tune!


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