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Dancing Circles

genre: Folk/Country
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Dancing Circles
Doug Dickens
04/07/17 11:25:17AM @doug-dickens:
Thanks Leon, the guitar is a Gibson Hummingbird Circa 1963
04/04/17 01:48:38AM @leonstevebey58:
Man, I could just see this song in played in some movie, it gives me that kind of feel. I like the sound of your guitar. Would that be a Martin acoustic you use? Sounds good!
Doug Dickens
03/29/17 01:58:31PM @doug-dickens:
Thank you Red.
03/28/17 05:43:17PM @red-sheppen:
Yep it is official - you are an excellent songwriter/ natural.
Been fun to listen to your songs.

Doug Dickens
01/24/17 04:52:35PM @doug-dickens:
Many thanks Shane.
01/24/17 04:09:40AM @shane:
the real deal- flesh and blood song-writer-musicianship .
Doug Dickens
01/15/17 04:34:09PM @doug-dickens:

thank you David and Mach for your comment.  You make me blush.

Doug Dickens
01/15/17 04:30:46PM @doug-dickens:

I want to thank you Tricia, Farrell and Big Pete for your wonderful comments.

01/15/17 07:22:39AM @mach:

Great song and performance Doug.

01/12/17 09:13:35PM @david-c-deal:

I do love this song.. the lyrics themselves are contemplative but those guitar breaks and phrasing emphasize it. Nice work Doug.

Farrell Jackson
01/12/17 10:12:54AM @farrell-jackson:

A wonderful song and performance gimmicks just a man, his voice and guitar. This is the real deal as it should be to hear an artist's true talent. Well done you "old folky"...said as a highest compliment!


01/11/17 07:20:28PM @bigpete:

really well crafted song, great lyrics, superbe vocals, great job.


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