Doug Dickens
Doug Dickens
Doug Dickens

77 Raindrops

album: Doug Dickens
genre: Blues
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I was living in Fort Worth, Texas during the winter of 1977 when this song came to me on a cold and rainy evening.  Hence, the title of a song that speaks to...
77 Raindrops
04/30/18 11:19:11AM @dirtzilla:
Very nice track I really like it.
Doug Dickens
05/16/17 03:08:26PM @doug-dickens:
Thanks Dace.
05/09/17 05:44:34PM @fungus-dace-yates:
Dig the guitar Doug..super vocal work..tight recording..spares arrangement is nice to hear and fits the after talk. Good idea.
Doug Dickens
04/03/17 10:07:16PM @doug-dickens:
Thanks Leon
04/03/17 10:01:47PM @leonstevebey58:
Arlo Guthrie feel to it, like those chord strums and lyrics! Great vocals, too!
Doug Dickens
04/03/17 09:36:18PM @doug-dickens:
Tricia, you are so kind.
Tricia C
04/02/17 02:10:31PM @tricia-crawford:
Awesome country song with great lyrics! You are as talented with your music skills as you are as a kind and tender hearted DJ! Great job Doug! Love the dee, dee, dee. montage too!
Doug Dickens
03/29/17 01:50:26PM @doug-dickens:
thank you all for giving this tune a listen. I enjoy all the comments.
03/28/17 05:37:08PM @red-sheppen:
Diggin' this one - for me it has a lovely Arlo Guthrie vibe which i really like.
Nice strumming and vocals
Thanks for sharing

03/23/17 08:02:00PM @waveman:
great vocal and man I'm lovin that descending strumming style. enjoyed your commentary afterwards too, after a couple listens I found myself thinking about that time and place. good stuff
Doug Dickens
03/02/17 05:53:47PM @doug-dickens:
Many thanks for the input.
03/02/17 12:09:42PM @the-deep:
Hey Doug, this number is ace! i admire the flesh and blood realness. Sounds good !
03/01/17 11:58:48PM @dynamic-victorious-dejavu-diva:
Good music
Doug Dickens
01/30/17 12:01:17PM @doug-dickens:
Thanks for the listen guys.
Farrell Jackson
01/26/17 06:01:49PM @farrell-jackson:
Very cool song Doug and I like the back story!


01/26/17 04:45:37PM @ocr-boys-bobby-g:
Great song & vocals Doug
01/25/17 01:21:18PM @josephrodz:
Always love the acoustic guitar well recorded,wow!
01/25/17 05:02:47AM @ronbowes:
Great little number. Somewhat remeniscent of "A small fruit song" by Al Stewart in style. No bad thing. Much enjoyed.


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