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Doug Dickens

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Doug Dickens
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     The task of writing your own songs is mercilous in it's complexity.  Some songs come in the dead of nite while others are a process of time and inspiration.  Many of my songs were written years ago while I was on the road with the vast majority written in the high country in Colorado.  At the same time many were written off the road when I returned to New York after eight years touring.  Lately I have moved into a new form of writing that brings me into a certain moment in my life and comes through the muse of introspection and daily events.  I can't just sit down and crank out a song; it take time and inspiration to accomplish.

     Since coming to Mixposure and starting my Showcase of Independent Artist broadcasts, my own music has taken a backseat to exposing others to the wealth of the independent artists I have found over the years.  This is a labor of love for the great music that the independents offer the world.  I hope you will join me for the Tuesday evening showcase broadcasts beginning at 8 PM EST or the Nothin But The Blues broadcasts on Thursday afternoons beginning at 2 EST.  There is nothing out here like the independents.


Early blues artists and songwriters.
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An Evening with Mack Sanders ... Sunday at 8

By: Doug Dickens
Posted in: mixstream
An Evening with Mack Sanders ... Sunday at 8

After the many months of doing showcases, I am going to sway from the usual format this Sunday.  This coming Showcase of Independent Artists  will be a whole evening of Mack Sanders and his amazingly creative talent.

I spent so many hours running through Mack's music to pick out just ten songs for his interview section of the show, and could not pick them out from the vast array of songs from ballads to jazz and rock that Mack has shared on Mixposure.  It is with great pleasure that I announce the whole evening will be devoted to the music of Mack Sanders.  There is so much variety in his music that it is hard to describe in just a few words so you will just have to show up at the broadcast.  This will be one for the books and I am really looking forward to it.

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Doug Dickens
04/12/14 05:34:44PM @doug-dickens:
Dave, I will definitely ask him that ... glad that there is a buzz around this show. Should be a lot of fun.
04/12/14 01:33:58PM @the-truevulgarians:
Preparing for the Mac Attack!
04/11/14 10:22:56PM @helder-rock:
Great to know that Doug. Namaste!
04/11/14 07:36:26PM @tlt50:
The Magic...of Mack Sanders. Should be an incredible show.... :)
Fender Bender
04/11/14 06:48:27PM @dave-coonrod-aka-fender-bender:
Doug, be sure to ask him about the bands that he plays with in Florida. I had the pleasure of hearing the groups a few times when we were in his town. He has found some extremely talented people to make music with.


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