Drifting Cosmic Jellyfish
Drifting Cosmic Jellyfish
Drifting Cosmic Jellyfish

Circular (Motions)

album: Andrew Shields
genre: Electronic Pop
streams: 7

  Song Lyrics
Circular (Motions) Wondering about the axis point, wandering around the stars,Wondering where we’re going, traversing all these bars,spinning into infinity,...
  Song Information
A new electronic pop song, still a W.I.P, as is the normal way?
Circular (Motions)
12/11/19 07:58:24AM @driftingcosmicjellyfish:
Hi Farrell, Thank you. Thank you very much for the kind words, I did enjoy aspects of this one, but felt a bit burnt out by the process, feeling it wasn’t working for me, or rather some aspects were working and some weren’t. I defiantly want to continue in this style, but after a break from staring at a screen, something less electronic and more acoustic! Cheers, Andrew
Farrell Jackson
12/10/19 12:30:33PM @farrell-jackson:
I like this songwriting concept....electronic pop with vocals/harmonies. I generally shy away from electronic music but this works for me and the recording is very good! Doing more of this style might broaden your listening audience....well done!


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