Duncan J White productions inc Stick It records
Duncan J White productions inc Stick It records

2020 - 3rd July news

By Stickman, 2020-07-03

OK, I’ve had to check this several times.  Our tracks have the first 12 spots on the Mixposure Dance genre chart!  Thanks so much!

2020 - 28th June news

By Stickman, 2020-07-01

Carrying on from last week with a new track called - “Send Your Heart To Me”, we now have another track which is almost complete and ready for the next stage.  So far, it consists of electric guitar, bass, keyboards and drums and has an indie pop/rock feel to it.  Again it is something different for us.

2020 - 21st June News

By Stickman, 2020-06-21

Working remotely over the internet, we now have the basics of three new songs - “Shadow Man”, “Love To Give” and “Send Your Heart To Me”. At the moment these songs have been recorded in a basic form. They have been stored so that when we get together, we can work on the tracks to finish them off. We also have one that is ready to mix.

In other news, I am putting together our previous album, “Funk-a-tronic”, which should have been released in 2019.

2020 - 1st May news

By Stickman, 2020-05-05

In today's session, time was mostly spent concentrating on the lyrics for “Shadow Man”.  We have six verses, a rap and a middle eight.  The next step is for me to record a rough versions the of the verses, the rap and the middle eight and send them over email to the studio.  We can then carry on constructing the track whilst communicating using Skype.  

2020 - 27th April news during lockdown

By Stickman, 2020-04-27

Whilst we are in lock down as you know we are working remotely over Skype on some new tracks. We continue to work on “Shadow Man”. The structure of the track has come together quickly. Next, we need to work on some lyrics and record them.

I’ve also written some lyrics for a track which will be called “Love To Give” which will have a Jazz, Soul, Funk style genre.

2020 - 17th April news

By Stickman, 2020-04-19

Today, due to restrictions in place, we had our first remote recording session over the internet, coming up with a track that may be entitled “Shadow Man”. So far we have a basic intro, the first and second chorus and maybe a rap.

2020 - 17th March News

By Stickman, 2020-03-20

The new track, which will be called "Zenith Pt2" is nearly ready to mix.  It is sounding big and bouncy and has a festival type feel mixing jazz and techno.  Get ready for a dancefloor destroyer!

2020 - 11th March news.

By Stickman, 2020-03-12

We have now finished converting all the data for the new track. The title of it will be "Zenith Pt2". So now we have done that, we have saved the data to a USB drive to take it to another computer to carry on developing the track. Meanwhile, I have the bare bones of a new track recorded. 

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