Have You Ever Thought

album: Best Friends
genre: Indie
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HAVE YOU EVER THOUGHTCopyright 2006 Registration#SRu619-320 Duane RodHave you ever thought you could be the manStanding on the corner holding out his handOr...
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This song king of originated from watching Cops on TV and just thinking how easy it would have been for me to be in the same position many of the people are...
Have You Ever Thought
Farrell Jackson
11/14/08 11:32:33AM @farrell-jackson:
Good song and message here Duane. I like the presence of your voice in your recordings. It seems to get above the mix easily without dominating.
Yes...but for the grace of God....there go you or I. I enjoyed it!


10/07/08 06:51:32PM @self-tort:
Nice work, Duane. Good writing and performance. Particularly liked your vocals. Great work.




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