album: Best Friends
genre: Indie
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SIGNS©2006 Registration # SRu638-237 Duane RodThe winds are blowing, the time is nearJesus will return, the message is clearThe storm of His wrath is close...
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Just a simple little song about the eventual return of Jesus, the Son of God; and how the Bible tells us that just as when you see the signs of new growth...
10/27/08 08:15:19AM @syngularity:
Hi Duane, this is beautiful Christian Ballad rock... your grat vocal mix reminds me so much of Gerry Rafferty, which is simply beautiful!

10/26/08 09:28:14AM @dazed:
Great vocal delivery on this one Duane!!
11/01/08 08:38:57PM @the-bard-brothers:
The production is crisp and the instrumentation is excellent. I do have to ask if you recorded the acoustic guitar as a direct in rather than with a microphone. I tend to like the fuller range that the mike provides, and this songs seems to have a predominance of the mid range. A lower end would help. Have you tried some harmonies on the vocals? They would serve you well in the refrain.

A nice tune.


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