Ready to Fly

album: Best Friends
genre: Indie
streams: 95

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READY TO FLYCopyright 2006 Duane RodLiving my life and loving every dayWatching the time as it fades awayWith joy in my heart, on a natural highSaved by...
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I wrote this song while waiting to catch a flight at the airport, looking out the window watching the flights come in and leave. It was a beautiful crystal...
Ready to Fly
11/16/08 07:21:13AM @dazed:
Great vocals Duane and nice job n the lyrics. You came up with a great hook.
11/16/08 10:54:42AM @blue-sahara:
Duane, another signature song of yours, for sure, but one can just sense (and hear) the stages of development you've gone through. The backing vox is excellent, song's arrangement is wonderful. Of course the lyrics have always been your strength, but without your great vocal delivery they wouldn't stand out as much as they do. So, again - fantastic job on this song, my friend.


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