to see with your eyes

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genre: Easy Listening
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to see with your eyes
01/01/18 02:47:37PM @ms-p:
I had to kill my other account Sie so please excuse the double rating and comments.
I am and will always be a fan of your mixing talent with all these different elements stitched together
to make wonderful trips for my mind.

Ms. P

05/16/15 08:32:19AM @elektronz:
cheers guys and the photo yeh is a bit odd lol
Mister B
05/16/15 07:17:56AM @brian-brooks:
Cool stuff, Sie. Not only am I very fond of your music and always impressed with how prolific you are, I also enjoy the titles you come up with.
Your photo phreaks me out, though ;)

05/15/15 05:40:43PM @mr-p:
A True Electonz flavor. Kinda different but good to the ears..love this.

Mr. P


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