ready 4 a collab

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By: elektronz
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ready 4 a collab

yep think its about time i got spockerized with a few peeps on here ....a melding of the minds ,,,a joining of the cereberal cortex thingy ,,so if you want to eiither a) collab on a joint venture or 12) send me some stuff so i can do things with it then drop me vulcan death grip at mundo17@17mundo.fsnet.co.uk and lets get prosperous or whatever ...YOUR NAME ...IS JIM !!!   :D

03/30/15 07:47:08AM @mach:
I've beamed up something. Keep it away from Klingons. \\ // Live long and prosper \\ //
03/29/15 07:56:21PM @kara:
Check your facebook messages I sent you something 3:)


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