Ella Blame
Ella Blame


album: Various
genre: Alternative
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People say, I’m lunatic,I’m mad and a fanatic.That’s true and I do like it.I’m living in my ambit.I see even dull colors shine,And dwarfs in a glass of...
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Composed and performed by Ella Blame and Paul Kilian; Lyrics by Ella Blame
01/02/12 07:02:44PM @spud:
This one seems a bit of a change-up for you,Ella - though still perfectly exhibiting your unique way of melding power and mildness together in a vocal performance. A deliciously darkish lyric,heady instrumental blend,and a "patient" intro and finish all work together beautifully to further compliment your ever enchanting voice here...color me "drifting"!
All The Best To You in 2012.

01/17/12 03:04:50AM @the-erik-jurado-experience:
You have a very feminine voice that sounds comfortable within the sound of the music. You have a really good sound going for you - keep up the great work!


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