Eric Saitz
Eric Saitz
Eric Saitz

So Far From Myself

album: My Melancholy Muse
genre: Singer/Songwriter
streams: 59

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So Far From MyselfMoon shadows dance across main streetThe mannequin in red shoesAnd empty diner, a radioSomebody’s singing the bluesAnd look there’s me So...
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“So Far From Myself” (to me) Is a song about that feeling right after a break up. Something is just not right. You go through the motions and visit the old...
So Far From Myself
Farrell Jackson
02/23/20 08:37:57AM @farrell-jackson:
Hi Eric, your acoustic tone is very warm, earthy and appealing. Nice playing and singing as well. Bringing the piano in at the chorus was a great production move. You have a good voice and wrote some good lyric to go with it. Well done!


02/20/20 10:38:49PM @moquinn:
this may sound somewhat silly ~ yet it's sincere ~ thank you for your thank you
yes, your song So Far From Myself indeed touches my heart beyond words....& it moves me
Please do continue to share your music & thank you for making this song available to download
Peace to you also

Eric Saitz
02/16/20 10:32:44PM @eric-saitz:
Moe. Thank you so very much. This is a completely new direction artistically for me. My whole purpose for doing music is to write just one song that may touch someone and perhaps make them feel something. There is nothing I like more than hearing that a song moved you. Again thank you so very much for you words. It means the world to me.

02/16/20 09:43:37PM @moquinn:
I heard this song the other evening on MixPosure radio ~ I am loving this song..... loving your singing, natural acoustic sound & lyrics that touch my heart....I am hearing music differently lately ~ it's so hard losing someone you love....this is my take-away from your song & I hope to hear much more from you ~ thank you for sharing

Eric Saitz
02/16/20 11:01:24AM @eric-saitz:
:) Thank you so much!
carol sue
02/15/20 08:31:24PM @carol-sue:
First, I'd like to say hello, Eric! Welcome to Mixposure :)
So nice that you're sharing your songs here, too. I've always enjoyed your music through the years.
Have to say.. I adore this tune and the natural way you shine in it.. just beautiful.
You project greatness, my friend~ love it.


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