Valentine For My Lady (featuring Joseph Rodriguez)

album: Music from Misty Mountain
genre: Love Song
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             VALENTINE FOR MY LADY                          copyright 2017 Ernest E Easter, Sr (1982) LADY MY LOVE, I SEE IN YOUR EYES YOUR HEART...
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I wrote this valentine for my lady in 1981 and sang it for her in 1982. The rest is they say. Lyrics and vocals by ErnE. All other...
Valentine For My Lady (featuring Joseph Rodriguez)
10/02/17 06:40:41PM @erne:
Im glad you like it, Jerry. This song really didn't take long to write, it took longer to pump up my nerve to sing it to her. Joseph Rodriguez produced it and did everything except sing it. Singin it for him was a lot easier than singin it to Connie the first time...hahha
10/02/17 05:53:34PM @jerrywillard:
Valentine for my lady.
The song Sweet, Serene, and wonderful great job. It flows like a warm Summer Breeze anybody. Anybody

08/05/17 08:19:52PM @josephrodz:
Thanks so much Erne for letting me do the music of a great song,always at your service.
08/05/17 01:21:58AM @erne:
This is a collaboration with the Great Maestro Joseph Rodriguez. Thank you so much, Joseph


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