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Farrell Jackson
Farrell Jackson

Cabo Wabo

album: Orchid Faded Sky
genre: Classic Acoustic Rock
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Cabo Wabo 1. I took a trip to Cabo San Lucas, With twenty three friends of mine We drank cervesa and we did some fishin', We had a really good time We...
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Updated LANDR master Hi 02/11/19 This song is based on actual events that happened in Cabo San Lucas, Baja Ca. The names haven't been changed to protect...
Cabo Wabo
Farrell Jackson
02/04/17 09:18:39AM @farrell-jackson:
Farrell ~ I love this song ~ it makes me smile & I love humor almost as much as I love music ~ thank you for all you share ....Moe

Thanks Mo! It was a very fun, once in a life time adventure so I had to capture it in song. I'm glad you picked up on the vibe!


02/04/17 01:26:48AM @moquinn:
Farrell ~ I love this song ~ it makes me smile & I love humor almost as much as I love music ~ thank you for all you share ....Moe
03/08/14 11:52:20PM @ron-kauffman:
Great tune Farrell, all aspects of it. Wish I'd written this. lol.
12/20/11 01:20:58PM @bruffie:
Yeah....nice story song! I'm a sucker for that rhythm, just rolls along. Love the way you use the vocals coming in and out of the main theme. That harp and guitar segue is great. This is really cool, Jimmy Buffet couldn't have done it better. Ian
Incarnate Word
03/15/10 02:07:18PM @incarnate-word:
this song had me laughing. the bridge is great . I love your vocals on this. I really loved listening to this. Man you make it sound like I wanna go. Excellent song my friend. great Job.
04/16/09 06:31:37PM @vesa:
As soon as I saw the title I though this would be cool. You got me already in the margaritta mood...catchy name that repeats so neat...cool percussion, fine guitars. Like your vocals with a slight edge, but havin' fun. Most original style here; really sitting back and taking it all in. Fine addition of harp. Yep, time to jump up or at least sway my head. Great guitar playing. Great sound levels, one whole sound here, but your vocals stand out well. EXCELLENT composition. Love it. Sounds like you're havin' fun. FAB!! Yehaaa!
-Your friend. -Vesa.

04/07/09 10:21:49PM @piperon:
Interesting rock music with a fishing trip experience, a very truthful life event. I will never be able to write song on daily life event like this. And you make it so interesting and enjoyable especially the word Cabo Wabo. I will never go for another fishing trip again coz the last trip invited a lady ghost to my home (drowned in the sea, no kidding, it was real!). Thanks for sharing such fine experience and beautiful music.

With million of love from Singapore.
Piperon - One and Only spiritual flute player on Earth.

01/23/08 07:08:26PM @pyramis:
It's a pleasure to listen to this after the last few tunes I've just reviewed !
Greta mix,as usual Farrell. Like the upbeat happy vibe of this tune.
Vocals are as good as usual,with great back up harmonies.
Has that "Parrot-head" vibe to it.Tell Mr. Hager I say hello.

Rob Grant
01/23/08 06:32:49PM @rayon-vert:
FARRELL!! VERY COOL!! NICE BASS TONE!! Whew!! You keep crankin' out some GREAT MUSIC!! Love the arrangement, the chords, chorus....ALL CATCHY!! GREAT JOB!!


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