Farrell Jackson
Farrell Jackson
Farrell Jackson

Seed of a Tumbleweed ( with DrC)

album: Wood, Wires, and Wonder
genre: Classic Rock
streams: 194

  Song Lyrics
Seed Of A Tumbleweed V1 He was born in Fresno County In a little place called Huron. His Dad drove a caterpillar His momma kept the soup on. A few years...
  Song Information
Song Info: As with a lot of my toons I've had this song and lyric bouncing about in my head for some time now. Getting the new VOX guitar for X-mas gave me...
Seed of a Tumbleweed ( with DrC)
10/18/19 06:15:00PM @ronbowes:
Great song Cuz and cool harp in there and your usual top notch vocals. All round fine production and songwriting!
Farrell Jackson
10/20/18 02:27:49PM @farrell-jackson:
whaty a rockin tune Bro... luv it!!!!!!

Thanks Bud!

10/20/18 12:44:11PM @buddrumming:
whaty a rockin tune Bro... luv it!!!!!!
Farrell Jackson
10/20/18 09:57:43AM @farrell-jackson:
Lady Dove:
Double sweet, good tuneage and my Cuz who is called Tumbleweed ( a most excellent Drummer) is gonna enjoy this too😎👍

Thank you...maybe your cuz Tumbleweed is my Dad, lol!

Lady Dove
10/20/18 09:26:56AM @ladydove:
Double sweet, good tuneage and my Cuz who is called Tumbleweed ( a most excellent Drummer) is gonna enjoy this too😎👍
Farrell Jackson
11/12/15 11:11:55AM @farrell-jackson:
Jims Artificial Earth:
Helluva anthem here, guys! I can imagine hearing this song roaring from every jukebox across the midwest! Farrell, this is some of the best guitar I've ever heard you play! And Dr. C., some great B-3 jamming, too! I love the lyrics, some great lines, too. This has all the elements that make a song really click for me...
Peace, Jim

Thanks Larry, Wrightdude, Mel, Bri-an, Jim, Shane, Finn, Brett, and Joe!


Joe Gorfinkle
10/28/13 08:47:38PM @joe-gorfinkle:
tasty,gets you rockin'!
Brett Service
10/14/13 10:58:27AM @brett-service:
The audio at this site kicks it! Great sound you and Dr. C have here Farrell! I like the song structure and instrumentation, and as always your vocals are right on the mark!
03/14/13 04:34:56AM @autopilot-club:
Love these classic rocktunes you do, always combined with a good story. Strong hook and classy delivery from both, making this a most memorable listen. Is that lead played on the new VOX? Sounds like a stratocast..er ;-)
02/28/13 07:24:59AM @shane:
yeah- you created a fine groove here. feel good factor !
02/21/13 10:34:51AM @shane:
very fine ! the lyric melody and vocal place interacts highly nicely with the music. i like the chord variation, in fact there's a list of things that make this a feel good music episode. great guitar sound at the lead solo interlude. and a wave to Doc C.
02/17/13 01:08:51PM @bri-an:
...right up your alley Farrell, Relaxed and content with your delivery, makes listening very enjoyable... Vocals/harmonies are aced of course...and the acoustic guitar is mixed perfectly on the peripheral (R-Lsides of the audio...(lol...the things i listen for) Hatts off for DrC for such a structured layout.
great collab boys.

02/19/13 07:31:21AM @mel:
Great intro guys! Really enjoyed the lyrics telling a story. Nice intrumentals....enjoyed this collab x
02/17/13 11:12:11AM @wrightdude:
Any dude wailin on a Stratocaster is ok by me! ;) Enjoyed the performances... and great mix!
02/17/13 05:18:36PM @tlt50:
Fantastic tune !! ...Farrell, just as sweet honey...!! Outstanding songwriting ,,,always a joy hearing your creations. Drc....nails this vibe.....icing on the cake !!
~ KUDOS BROS~ *****

big smiles,

Larry T


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