Farrell Jackson
Farrell Jackson
Farrell Jackson

Back Home Blues

album: FJ #3
genre: Acoustic Blues
streams: 41

  Song Lyrics
Oh Lady, lady, lady...open up and let me in, Oh lady, lady, lady I said open up and let me in I'm tired of this crazy travelin',  so I'm back home again......
  Song Information
A song idea I had about a bluesman coming home one evening after being on the road. His lady has had enough of it and she won't let him in no matter how much...
Back Home Blues

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05/27/17 01:35:57PM @fungus-dace-yates:
Another visit to this one because "blues the healer"..helps to hear this. Yep. .blues the healer!
Farrell Jackson
01/04/17 11:28:24PM @farrell-jackson:

Thanks Moe! No damage done to the vocal chords. I used to do this kind of singing at 4 hour gigs back in the day......but now I'm only good for an hour or so, lol!


01/04/17 10:48:09PM @moquinn:

Loving this song Farrell  gives me a big smile  & makes me wanna move ~ sure do hope you didn't hurt your vocal chords on this one ;)

Farrell Jackson
12/28/16 10:30:13AM @farrell-jackson:

Thanks Toni, you are the best! I see you are filling in for The Metal Master Show this Thursday. I'll be there to enjoy your always fun filled musical sets.


Barefoot Music
12/28/16 10:22:22AM @barefoot-music-group:

Love this FJ!! Love your vocal range... was that really you and a falsetto? LOL As is your style and chops the finger pickin' sublime. I'm a fan of you doing the Blues

Farrell Jackson
12/28/16 10:18:06AM @farrell-jackson:

Thanks Shane, Doug and Tricia! Back Home Blues is the second in my trilogy of blues songs. I'm glad you liked it!


Tricia C
12/27/16 10:19:32PM @tricia-crawford:
Truly enjoyed this song tonight in DJ chat!! Love the blues and very well done Farrell!!
12/27/16 03:50:04PM @hooker-green:

Oh yes what a perfect finger picking style to play a blues. Deeply impressed of that powerful acoustic blues tune. Congrats


Farrell Jackson
12/15/16 11:03:16AM @farrell-jackson:

I thank you kindly Larry T and Dace for listening and commenting on Back Home Blues!


12/06/16 08:13:42AM @fungus-dace-yates:
Blues will always be cool. Its a big part of music as a whole. This is very cool.
12/04/16 05:04:07PM @tlt50:

Another side of your incredible talents. Sweet blues groovin'....with awesome chops...


AwwwwwwwwwOooooooooooooSOME !!

12/03/16 05:44:06PM @shane:

some fine playing  !   enjoyable listen.  and geesh,   those acoustic guitar riffs, pluks and progressions are world class blues musikianship.

Farrell Jackson
12/03/16 12:48:39PM @farrell-jackson:

Thanks Ron! It was fun one to put together. I'm glad you enjoyed it!


12/03/16 12:40:53PM @ronbowes:

Really enjoyed this. Fine slice blues. Vox hit the spot.


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