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Mama, Open Up

album: Jestasong
genre: Classic Rock
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This is my version of a Flo and Eddie (The Turtles) song called Mama, Open Up. It's not a well known song but it's one that's stuck with me through the...
Mama, Open Up

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Farrell Jackson
02/07/17 10:27:08AM @farrell-jackson:
Thanks Mare and Mo for the good words on Mama, Open up!


02/06/17 10:39:50PM @moquinn:
I love this song Farrell ~ your voice so powerful & strong felt from the heart ~ sure wish this was downloadable ~ but, thanks for all that you share....Moe
Farrell Jackson
12/20/16 11:02:21AM @farrell-jackson:

Thanks Bill B! As you can tell I'm stuck in the 70's lol!

bill b
12/20/16 10:40:13AM @bill-b:

Nice production quality and great ear for detail in this great sonic vibe.

Really has a mid 70's  Rock & Roll pop  quality to the writing that we all have grown to appreciate. Great Job!

Farrell Jackson
12/19/16 07:55:52PM @farrell-jackson:

Thanks for stopping by to listen and comment Ron B!


12/19/16 06:58:02PM @ronbowes:

I have heard this a number of times on the radio, but never stopped by to comment. Shame on me. This is just soooo good, Farrell. Top marks, mate.

Farrell Jackson
12/15/16 11:00:35AM @farrell-jackson:

Thanks Bobby and Rusty for the good comments!


12/11/16 06:30:10PM @ocr-boys-bobby-g:

Farrell this is a great song lyrics & vocals to music production is great to .

Farrell Jackson
12/10/16 10:37:02PM @farrell-jackson:
Thanks Rich, Larry, and Big Pete!
12/05/16 03:39:14PM @bigpete:

Great tune, the folk part very California vibe, Eagles, love the overall feel and production.

12/04/16 05:01:21PM @tlt50:

Brilliant...musicianship , production and talent , My friend.  Superb listen.

All the best,

Larry T.

12/04/16 12:23:25PM @lodato:
An anthem for all musician who spend long months touring. Those days when it's too much. Well, ya did a bang up job. Yes I too here the ghost of Freddy here. Not a bad thing.
Farrell Jackson
12/04/16 09:33:59AM @farrell-jackson:

Thanks for listening and for commenting Dace.... I'm glad you like it!


12/04/16 07:31:18AM @fungus-dace-yates:
Great to see you upload. Yes..I hear some Queen in this myself. Really great tune man! Super recording. Listening I hear alot of cool rock influence running thru. The whole thing inspires me. Very cool.
Farrell Jackson
12/03/16 06:00:28PM @farrell-jackson:

Thanks for the multiple listens and comments Shane! Never thought about it much but now that you mention it I can hear the Freddie Mercury reference in the "Mama" section...cool and thanks!


12/03/16 05:39:54PM @shane:

the song counter seems to be lagging because i listen 4 times, but counter still says  2 plays.

The lyric story is quite cool  . Theres some clever and effective
wording , painting the scenario in the lyric words.  this 'Mama' is a real
fine number. I like the Bass guitar as well. A fun enjoyable lead guitar jam
ending section as well.    i like !

12/03/16 04:43:29PM @shane:

Way to go Farrell.  The timbre and sound of the instant first seconds is right on to make the listener feel drawn favourably in to hear me.  The progression at around 1.05 is working excellently.  Yeah ,  ,, it sounds good to me bro. Actually, somehow the sound you've got in that 'mama' section really brings Queen and Freddie M to a deja vue place in my head . Mainly due to the sound of your voice there.     I'm wanting to spin it again for a third listen now. 


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