Farrell Jackson
Farrell Jackson
Farrell Jackson

Leavin' In The Mornin' (Re-Mastered)

album: Orchid Faded Sky
genre: Blues Rock
streams: 35

  Song Lyrics
Wake me in the mornin' when the rooster crows I'm takin' my hat, takin' all of my clothes I'm leavin' in the mornin' with the rising sun I'm leavin' in...
  Song Information
This is all me..music and vocals. This starts as an acoustic blues song but then the full band jumps in and the song takes off. Leavin' In The Mornin' is...
Leavin' In The Mornin' (Re-Mastered)

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Farrell Jackson
01/21/17 02:54:04PM @farrell-jackson:
Thanks Doug! I don't do many blues songs but I certainly enjoy the ride when I do. My plan is to be there on Tuesday.


Doug Dickens
01/20/17 05:26:52PM @doug-dickens:
Totally enjoyed this one Farrell. Hangin this out on Tuesday's showcase.
Farrell Jackson
12/23/16 04:01:24PM @farrell-jackson:

Thanks so much Jim!


Jims Artificial Earth
12/22/16 03:21:56PM @jims-artificial-earth:

I love this. First, it's a fine idea for a song, second, you really pull this off with a lot of style and chops. That great rolling and rocking riff on the guitar and bass, then the harp and drums comes in. This might be my favorite Farrell J song. I am totally loving this one! 


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