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Farrell Jackson
Farrell Jackson

Fortune Cookie Boogie (featuring The Truevulgarian)

album: Jestasong
genre: Blues Rock
streams: 79

  Song Lyrics
Fortune Cookie BoogieLead intro(V1) We left the gig, late one night, been smokin’ weed, the band was starvin’, in need of a bite.Everything was closed, it...
  Song Information
Farrell Jackson - All music, backing vocals and production/mix/mastering. The Truevulgarian - Lyric, melody, and lead vocal. TV and I had discussed the...
Fortune Cookie Boogie (featuring The Truevulgarian)
Farrell Jackson
06/23/17 02:17:31PM @farrell-jackson:
Thanks Dace! TV added some great lyric and vocals to it.


Farrell Jackson
04/06/17 12:03:29PM @farrell-jackson:
Thanks Tricia for listening and commenting! TV did such a fine job with the cool story/lyric and the lead vocal.

We both thank you!

Farrell Jackson
02/08/17 10:01:33AM @farrell-jackson:
Bill and I both thank you for the thoughtful words Gary! You have fully immersed yourself into this large Mix musical family and have become a great asset in doing so.


Gary Shukoski
02/08/17 02:27:48AM @gary-shukoski:
Nice to see two heavy hitters at MIX doing fun stuff like this and you guys have been so good to me here. Cool song and great collab! That's what makes this place so cool and unlike any other!
Farrell Jackson
01/31/17 11:07:30AM @farrell-jackson:
Thanks Jim! TV and I both had fun with this song adventure. We thank you kindly for the comments and for spinning it on your MixRadio show!

Farrell and TV

01/28/17 01:27:11PM @david-c-deal:
Those lyrics, delivered beautifully by TV of course, are fantastic. Funny with a small stab in the heart at the same time.
01/28/17 11:54:06AM @the-truevulgarians:
Yes, we most certainly did. I so look forward to working with people with such talent and high standards. Farrell did a great job on the music, vocals and the production. As I told him, the song just had to be called "Fortune Cookie Boogie"... just too cool (and maybe obvious, lol) to pass up. I'm happy to collaborate with Mr. Jackson on any occasion!
01/28/17 09:55:22AM @ocr-boys-bobby-g:
oh yea great job love it REDNECK TEST your in the plays
Farrell Jackson
01/27/17 04:15:26PM @farrell-jackson:
Thanks Ron! TV is going to debut it on his Mix DJ show tonight. I hope to see you in the chat!


01/27/17 11:50:15AM @ronbowes:
Rocking boogie! Super collab guys. Really enjoyed.
Farrell Jackson
01/27/17 11:31:47AM @farrell-jackson:
I want to thank TV for working on this song with me and for adding his excellent lyric and vocal. We had fun with this one!

FJ and TV


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