Farrell Jackson
Farrell Jackson
Farrell Jackson


album: FJ #3
genre: Acoustic guitar and vocals
streams: 60

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"Remember........then let me go...………………….."
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I wrote this song shortly after my father had passed in 2004 who was then followed by my father inlaw in 2007, my mother in 2011, and now my mother inlaw in...
07/10/18 09:31:56PM @gary-hart:
Such a fantastic track Farrell! Right fromm the heart!! Would change a thing on this song!! Top shelf my friend!! Love it! 👍
Farrell Jackson
07/10/18 10:16:13AM @farrell-jackson:
I want to thank you Phil, Inge and David for your thoughtful and kind words. And David, that is a beautiful quote from ELP... "You and I are yesterdays answers, the earth of the past, come to flesh"..
07/08/18 09:18:00PM @david-c-deal:
Beautiful and wonderful tribute to your loved elders Farrell. "You and I are yesterdays answers, the earth of the past, come to flesh"..
07/04/18 03:14:15PM @serious-music:
What a glassclear mixed song. My respect. Love it very much. Super work you have made.
07/04/18 10:30:41AM @phillipfoxley:
Excellent, heart felt track Farrell. Love the close recording style too.
Farrell Jackson
06/26/18 09:26:48AM @farrell-jackson:
Your kind words are much appreciated Larry and Tricia. Thanks for listening!
06/24/18 01:38:31PM @tlt50:
A beautiful "remembrance" for loved ones we've lost. Emotionally filled lyrics, vocals, and music. A beautiful song, my friend. Bravo!

Larry T.

Farrell Jackson
06/24/18 01:38:08PM @farrell-jackson:
I thank you for the kind words Carol Sue and Bobby Cain!


06/24/18 12:30:35PM @rs-cain:
Beautifully done.
I could talk about the sweet bagpipes or the great tone of your guitar and the playing, but the important thing here is the song.
Beautifully done.

carol sue
06/24/18 11:29:25AM @carol-sue:
From your heart and soul.. I can tell.
Thanks for the goosebumps on my skin.
Wow, this is great!!

Farrell Jackson
06/23/18 06:51:03PM @farrell-jackson:
From my heart and soul...thank you Yvonne!
Yvonne J
06/23/18 06:09:52PM @yvonne-j:
Oh my goodness..............when I heard the pipes I almost cried. Absolutely beautiful tribute to your Family ♫♪♫ beautiful


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