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British 1960's Pop Rock

user image 2008-08-10
By: Farrell Jackson
Posted in: Help Me Girl - The Animals
British 1960's Pop Rock

I've always loved that&nbsp;1960's &nbsp;British Rock Pop sound and this song has it all. From the catchy beat to the chorus that drops from a major to a minor chord with the lovely harmonies.&nbsp;So I recorded one.<br /><br />I&nbsp;tried my&nbsp;best&nbsp; to get that Farfisa or Vox Continental&nbsp;organ sound that the Animals were famous for. Plus, I've kept it close to the original but I taken some liberties here and there with it, especially with the guitars.<br /><br />I hope you enjoy it as much as I did recording it and if you remember it, sing along!.<br /><br />Farrell<br /><br />Note: I have obtained the proper license from the Harry Fox Agency

08/12/08 04:15:55PM @ab1:
the fab 5 then.. :-)
08/11/08 04:13:48PM @ab2:
A really enjoyable listen...Highly recommended..:-)


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