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Spider Monkey Love (Farrell and Kari)

user image 2015-01-15
By: Farrell Jackson
Posted in: A song for Mix2014SongwritingMusicAward
Spider Monkey Love (Farrell and Kari)

This is a collaboration from 2014. Kari/Redler created the music and asked for lyric and vocal additions. The subject was to be monkeys so I wrote these simple, innocent and playful  lyric. Then found a melody to match. Since Kari's guitar work is excellent here, the instrumentation and production was kept to a minimum in the singer/songwriter style. To my ears, it works very well.

Kari/Redler - all music. Farrell Jackson - all vocals and lyric. http://www.mixposure.com/farrell-jackson/audio/19068/spider-monkey-love-farrell-and-kari

P Eric Bailey
01/22/15 11:46:28AM @p-eric-bailey:
Hey buddy, I like it. Warm wishes my friend.
01/20/15 06:04:29AM @josephrodz:
Awesome collab, good luck in the competition!


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