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Wow! Two blogs in two days....very unusual for me!

user image 2008-07-13
By: Farrell Jackson
Posted in: New song, Sancturay Bay
Wow! Two blogs in two days....very unusual for me!

<p>Finally, a new song! I've had some recent recording equipment failures which&nbsp;put a kink in my recording momentum....but I'm back in business!</p>
<p>I wrote this song two years ago and layed down the initial tracks then and there it sat for two years....until this past weekend. I came up with the lyric idea while hiking the Stanislaus River canyon gorge with my wife. It's near my home, &nbsp;which is in the heart of California's 1849 gold rush area. As we walked I could invision a 49er minor heading with his pack mule to one of the digging sites so&nbsp;I wrote what I imagined.</p>
<p>I used some sound effects to help the visual aspects of the song. I don't know if I've achieved it or not but I'm hoping the listener can hear, see, feel, and smell the song. Regardless it was fun to experiment. That's what it's all about with home studios.....you can do what you want,&nbsp;take as long as you want, and have fun doing it, lol!</p>
<p>It's Americana, which means anything goes :o)&nbsp;I hope you enjoy it!</p>

Farrell Jackson
07/15/08 10:11:16AM @farrell-jackson:
Thanks Joe! I've read at your page that you are from Ca. but didn't know exactly where. I live in Oakdale. It's 15 miles east of Modesto. It depends on the direction you're coming from but if you've visited Yosemite National Park via hiway 120 you had to go right through Oakdale to get there. Small world!


07/15/08 03:32:55AM @ab1:
sounds great farrell.. man i didn't know you are in my home area.. sure does get hot up there around sacto man.. it must be sweltering in july.. hope the fires aren't up your way.. maybe a touch cooler in the hills? cheers..


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