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Farrell Jackson
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@shawn.williams, 10/05/19 01:14:21AM
Please enjoy my song; Mrs. Mojo.
@hooyoosay, 05/10/18 03:47:05PM
Greatly honored to have such a versatile and top-notch musician like you follow us!
Thanks Farrell, and all the best!
@PhillipFoxley, 02/21/18 06:40:51AM
Huge thanks for your comment and taking the time to read my bio etc Farrell, very much appreciated. Best of luck with your own musical adventure!!
@wricky, 03/19/17 10:29:45AM
Hey Farrell, Happy Sunday!
@ron.bowes, 11/28/16 12:16:33PM
Just dropping by to say I am amazed at the range of styles you turn out. May you always enjoy the music.
@Slacker G, 11/18/16 02:12:30PM

Thank you for your generous comments. I haven't been able to post here for many years since I was using win98SE until now. I hope this is the proper place to respond to your comments. I'm still learning (slowly) how to navigate this new site. Thank you again!
@BLJ, 10/15/16 01:15:00PM
Thank you so very much for you kind remarks on my songs Johnny Cash! That you would take the time really means a lot to me!
@Gary Shukoski, 07/20/16 03:09:52AM
Thanks for the link man! I've been over at the page listening now for about 2 hours. One track stands out the most to me and really caught my attention. In fact, I've had it on repeat for at least an hour now and is becoming the soundtrack for my whole night! "Ulalume" Holy shit, man! That track is INTENSE! It has this Genesis - Fly On The Wall feel mixed with an Iron Maiden-ish twin guitar attack and has you doing your best Vincent Price chanting Edgar Allen "F"ing POE!!! Ridiculously good song!
@RIDICULAS TRIXX, 05/28/15 11:53:00AM
Diggin the blues! U R AWESOME!
@BruceGomb, 03/04/15 11:46:15PM
Hi Farrell, thanks so much for the review of my song, it's hard to get reviews these days so I really appreciate it.
@Melsi, 12/20/14 10:46:42AM
Thank you so much Farrell for your lovely reviews and kind words, as always, it means so much. Thank you again x
@P Eric Bailey, 12/08/14 01:16:51PM
Farrell thanks for taking the time to listen my friend. Great to be in contact with you once again. Keep rockin.
@DuRod, 12/02/14 06:56:59PM
Thanks so much for the listen and the comment Farrell!! It's much appreciated brother.
@stephen graham, 10/09/14 01:58:12AM
thanks for stopping by my site mate ..all the best from down under!
@N. Parker, 09/27/14 11:20:26PM
Hey Farrell thanks for the kind words on Lyrical Collage. Glad you like vocal harmonies too. Seems not to be enough of them in songs today but I guess I'm dating myself ha ha. I'll be checking out your music for sure. Thanks again. N. Parker
@retarded potential, 04/01/14 12:51:22PM
Farrell in case you don't check the Prowl comments: I'm using a Tascam US-1800. Its got 8 XLR + 2 Lines on preamps, 4 line in's and 2 digital making 16 simultaneous inputs. So far Prowl is using the most inputs at once (10) and it performed wonderfully on my dinosaur of a laptop (1.8ghz Pentium M, 1gb ram, XP). To say I have been impressed is an understatement.
@JamesPower, 03/17/14 04:06:03PM
Hi Farrell,

Thanks very much your kind, supportive words regarding my songs! I really appreciate the time you took to listen & review! Take care!

@margot du bois, 03/09/14 12:59:56AM
Hi Farrell, so cool to wake up to such a positive review of my song from you.. I haven't done much musically during the last couple of years. Life's been teaching me a few lessons, hhee, :-). Thank you so much for your positive vibes...xxxx
Love and hugs, Mags.. Xxxx:-)
@songdoc, 11/17/13 02:50:11PM
Thanks for the review Farrell. (I think Todd relented and changed the message system!)
@Shane, 10/16/13 06:11:07PM
hey Farrel, i can't find a link to send you a PM bro. Here's the note i was going to send; farrell, bro ,thanks !!! thanks for your visit to my song on the DEEP. Teva just now asked me to nominate an artist and a song for her to feature next on TNT gigz. I nominated you . You've written and produced alot of really cool songs , and the song i nominated to Teva is The Perfect One. I realize this is a collab, so , no prob, J0rodz guitar is mega excellent there, and you deserve credit and notice for the writing and creation of the excellent vocal. have a good one bro. shane
@vigwig, 08/12/13 12:48:54PM
hey, Farrell, I haven't seen where you have checked out this new song about you. Maybe you did and weren't amused by it?
I was just kidding around with you.