Frank Northcutt
Frank Northcutt
Frank Northcutt


album: Recapitulate
genre: R&B
streams: 33

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A little 70's Motown sound, I guess. Music and lyrics by Frank Northcutt, Copyright 2011
tony cee
02/06/19 03:40:33PM @tony-cee:
great song, catchy chorus very early Motown ,great work ,frank cheers …...tony cee
Frank Northcutt
01/18/19 07:08:33AM @frank-northcutt:
Thank you, Ricky! I appreciate the kind words.
01/17/19 10:36:09PM @wricky:
A great,happy ending story in a song , and that's no surprise , your lyrics are precise and genuine with the groove ~many cheers Mr Wordsmith !
Frank Northcutt
01/16/19 11:46:50AM @frank-northcutt:
Thanks, Farrell! I appreciate the kind words.
Maybe I should get a 'fro. :o)

Farrell Jackson
01/16/19 11:38:53AM @farrell-jackson:
I dig your 70's Motown sound Frank! Those backing vox are done perfectly. You've nailed down the horns sound. Excellent vocals and music all around. Job well done!



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