Frank Northcutt
Frank Northcutt
Frank Northcutt

Him or Me

album: Recapitulate
genre: R&B
streams: 19

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Music and lyrics by Frank Northcutt Copyright 2011
Him or Me
Frank Northcutt
02/07/19 07:56:12AM @frank-northcutt:
Thank you, Carol Sue. I really appreciate it!
carol sue
02/06/19 08:34:06AM @carol-sue:
Start to finish.. such a fine tune and performance, Frank!
Smooth and inviting, confident and cool.. sweet and saxy..
A real dreamy gem!! *****

Frank Northcutt
02/05/19 03:52:39PM @frank-northcutt:
Thank you very much for the kind words, Tony. I appreciate it.
tony cee
02/05/19 01:44:10PM @tony-cee:
love your voice frank great catchy tune , love the lyrics, cheers ,.....tony cee


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