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Old Soldiers never Cry

album: Dying World by Freudian Slip
genre: Classic Rock
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The Battle-lines are quiet, the guns will turn to rust But the suffering and pain will never fade You stood up for your country, never gave a second...
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Second track from the album Dying World by Freudian Slip. A song about how poorly treated veterans are who return from fighting for their country to far less...
Old Soldiers never Cry
Douglas Steven Luna
04/17/19 07:48:06PM @douglasluna:
Nice Song... I would have liked to hear vocals a bit more but... it still sounds great as is. \m/
01/13/19 09:46:38PM @moquinn:
Wow! I think I overuse that exclamation ~ however...
An excellent tribute song for our Vets
it continues to amazes me & is difficult to fathom how men & women who have served our country....come back home....& wind up homeless....out in the street...scraping for their survival...
your name Bruffie sounds familiar ~ I did read on one of the home pages that you have been away from Mix for a while I think because of health issues...welcome back
& thanks for sharing your music

Farrell Jackson
01/13/19 10:29:07AM @farrell-jackson:
A fine homage to the Vets that never seem to receive the open arms that they deserve. Another cool classic rock vibe that hits all the right buttons with me. Some fine guitar work here and your vox all always right on the mark Bruffie.


01/11/19 01:39:26AM @freudian-slip:
Thanks Larry. Writing and recording again is a big tonic for me. Your kind words are much appreciated man. Bruffie
01/10/19 01:44:27PM @tlt50:
Bruffle it's awesome having you sharing your amazing talents, it's been awhile. This track is so well written, beautifully arranged and produced. Fantastic lyrics and vocals. This does have a Floyd vibe with great instrumentation. Bravo ***** Larry T.


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