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The return of Bruffie

user image 2019-01-10
By: ian.brough
Posted in: Music

I used to be on this site many years ago as "Bruffie". Unfortunately, due to ill health, I have been out of music for the last 4 years. However, I recently got re-inspired to try again and have written the 1st two tracks on an album I intend to finish over the next few months. All music is made by me (Ian Brough) with the incredible contributions of Darren Greaves on Guitars, occasional Bass, occasional keys and Final mastering on all tracks. Darren has become my co-conspirator in the "Freudian Slip" project. I really hope someone enjoys the music, it's become a labour of love.... and I do mean labour :) Cheers, Ian

04/18/19 04:43:49AM @freudian-slip:
Hi Douglas......From what I've heard of your stuff, the sooner the better Buddy. As we both know, music is a great healer :)
Douglas Steven Luna
04/17/19 07:56:22PM @douglasluna:
Hey Ian, I too have had a musical set-back because of life-long health issues. In 2007 I got Meniere's disease and went all the way down to "Low Income Housing" and could only go out to the streets if I went further down; I stood up... blah blah blah! I moved to Phoenix (12/4/17) and am still having difficulty hitting the record button. * I do have 25 songs ready to go to the next level BUT... to be continued?


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