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Gary Dabrowski
Gary Dabrowski

TOCCATA IN F MAJOR, orchestrated (remastered)

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da da da dadada etc.
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an orchestral adaptation of J.S. Bach's organ work 'Toccata and Fugue in F Major' (but just the Toccata)...all instruments replicated using the Korg Kronos...
TOCCATA IN F MAJOR, orchestrated (remastered)
Gary Dabrowski
01/23/20 08:13:56AM @gary-dabrowski:
thanks Carol Sue...glad you enjoyed it...
carol sue
01/23/20 07:22:44AM @carol-sue:
Superb musicianship!!
Bravo! *****

Gary Dabrowski
08/07/18 01:01:46PM @gary-dabrowski:
Ron...yeah, this one took some of my own favorite recordings I've done...thanks for listening and glad you liked it...
08/06/18 11:35:42AM @ron-dadey:
I love this..... and I am jealous.... I want a Kronos sooooooo bad !! hahahaha!!


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