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da da da...dadadadadadada, etc...
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to watch the performance of this, go to the youtube video...Bachish Jam was composed by me, in part, tying together themes and passages from J.S. Bach's...
Gary Dabrowski
09/18/18 05:02:25PM @gary-dabrowski:
Ron...thanks for listening...glad ya liked it!...
09/17/18 03:33:20PM @ronbowes:
Toccata fugue in D minor is one of my favourite pieces of Bach. Like this sort of "Wakeman" take.
Gary Dabrowski
09/15/18 08:44:17AM @gary-dabrowski:
Wricky...thanks for listening, and your glad you liked it!...
09/14/18 10:48:44PM @wricky:
You call it a jam , but with all the polyphonic lines and odd time signatures it comes across much deeper than that , the kinda thing I have to hear a few hundred times to really grasp but I can dig it the very 1st time ,hats off and Hi 5's !


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