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my rendition of the Lee Michaels song...all instruments and vocals by yours truly...
Gary Dabrowski
12/02/18 04:33:25PM @gary-dabrowski:
Ron...thank you...glad you like it!...
12/02/18 09:29:04AM @ron-dadey:
Awesome track Gary ;-D
Gary Dabrowski
12/02/18 08:28:38AM @gary-dabrowski:
Farrell...thanks for listening and glad you liked it!...
Farrell Jackson
12/01/18 09:44:44AM @farrell-jackson:
Oh yeah, the Mighty Lee Michaels ! I still have his first live in the studio album. I spent many dreamy times listening to his 20 minute song "Tell Me How Do You Feel Woman". This is an excellent version of Heighty Hi Gary. His Stormy Monday is another good one. Cool!
Gary Dabrowski
11/30/18 07:14:32PM @gary-dabrowski:
Larry...thanks for comments...yes, Lee Michaels was really great...I think especially to us keyboard players!...kind of a shame he was only really known by most for his one 'hit' ya know what I mean?...
11/30/18 03:30:07PM @tlt50:
The great Lee Michaels..... Oh yes, I remember this tune. Nice rendition with awesome keys. WTG Gary.


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