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Gary Dabrowski
Gary Dabrowski

D. B. BLUES (remastered)

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Hammond organ, bass guitar and drums by 'yours truly'...inspired by the great Jimmy McGriff...
D. B. BLUES (remastered)
Gary Dabrowski
10/23/19 07:43:15PM @gary-dabrowski:
Gary S...thanks!
Gary Shukoski
10/23/19 12:54:01PM @gary-shukoski:
Rock on with your bad self!
Gary Dabrowski
12/24/18 08:02:46AM @gary-dabrowski:
Mo..thanks for listening and your comment!...glad you enjoy it...(you must really like it if ya listened to the whole thing!...jajaja)...
12/23/18 08:04:11PM @moquinn:
Wow! Gary you sure can play dem keys ~ this song captures the listener & pulls them into the song & they stay for the duration....just listening & I'm in a mellow state of mind
Gary Dabrowski
12/15/18 07:01:29PM @gary-dabrowski:
Lodato...glad you like it, and thanks so much for listening and your comments!...
12/15/18 01:57:26PM @lodato:
Amazing beautiful tune and those keys!!!
😎my goodness you’re good!

Gary Dabrowski
12/03/18 08:44:30PM @gary-dabrowski:
Ron...thanks very much!...
Gary Dabrowski
12/03/18 08:43:08PM @gary-dabrowski:
Farrell...glad ya like it and thanks for your comments!...
12/03/18 06:44:26PM @ronbowes:
Nice slice of blues keyboard.
Farrell Jackson
12/03/18 10:21:49AM @farrell-jackson:
Some fine playing Gary. I appreciate your talent and the good sound of a Hammond and Leslie. Nice work!
Gary Dabrowski
12/02/18 09:01:33PM @gary-dabrowski:
Lorne...thanks much!...
12/02/18 07:36:45PM @lorne-reid:
Man you sure sizzle those keys!!!! Outstanding!
Gary Dabrowski
12/02/18 05:15:49PM @gary-dabrowski:
Larry...thank ya!...
12/02/18 04:13:40PM @tlt50:
Bravo Gary...................Outstanding. :)


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