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composition and all instruments performed by 'yours truly'
Gary Dabrowski
02/10/19 02:45:30PM @gary-dabrowski:
Tony...thanks for listening and your comments!...
tony cee
02/10/19 02:26:11PM @tony-cee:
super playing gary, nice and funky...…...tony cee
Gary Dabrowski
02/09/19 01:10:16PM @gary-dabrowski:
hey Carol Sue...thanks for your review (hey, that rhymes)...glad you enjoyed it!...jajaja
carol sue
02/08/19 04:26:27PM @carol-sue:
Smile cracker just the title, Gary! hehe..
Woo~hoo! You got this!! Groovy.. groovy.. groovy!
Smothered with coolness! ***** Me likes! ;)

Gary Dabrowski
02/08/19 01:34:06PM @gary-dabrowski:
Joyce...thanks for listening and your comments!...
02/07/19 10:22:24PM @joycespencer:
First I love the title! And, love the track, too. Has an awesome fusion of funk and blues.
Gary Dabrowski
02/07/19 08:20:00PM @gary-dabrowski:
Frank...TY for listening and your comments...glad you had fun listening to it!...if it reminded you of Billy Preston, I take that as quite a compliment!...
Frank Northcutt
02/07/19 07:33:14PM @frank-northcutt:
That was fun, Gary! Like something Billy Preston might have done. Nothing fowl about you're playing. Really enjoyed it.


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