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Gary Hart
Gary Hart

Light of Day - V2

album: Collaboration Corner - Artist Around The world
genre: Hard Rock
streams: 145

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Digger and I have posted a Remix Version 2 of "LIGHT OF DAY" We have added more bottom End to our song. The song is basically the same...but with more...
Light of Day - V2
Farrell Jackson
05/19/11 11:39:15AM @farrell-jackson:
Great guitar work Gary and excellent vocal work Digger! I haven't heard version #1 but this version #2 sounds very full and the bottom doesn't lack at all. You guys are rockin' in a dark and heavy way!


01/27/11 03:22:43PM @gabriel-sabadi:
Awesome Gary! This version is Rockin my studio. Guitar sounds great and the bottom end is much more full. Diggers vox are outstanding and sit just right in the mix. Rock on brother! Standing "O"


01/28/11 04:16:13PM @cooter:
Way cool, Gary and Digger! This mix has a much fuller sound and feel. Another killer tune from you guys. There really is - from my perspective, at least - something quite special, potent, and unique in the combination of you two.

You guys freakin ROCK!



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