Gary Hart
Gary Hart
Gary Hart

The White Path

album: Collaboration Corner - Artist Around The world
genre: Hard Rock
streams: 364

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Gary Hart - All Guitars and Bass - Music Song Writer Mista Perez - Vocals and Lyrics - Mastering Phil Robertson - Drums I Just wanted to Thank Mista Perez...
The White Path
08/14/11 11:24:09AM @digger-stone:
this is a killer track... guitars are sweet as hell and Mr perez, that is one of the most creative vocals i've heard in a long time... i love that faze on there!

great job guys!


09/11/10 01:25:19AM @cooter:
Killer tune, Gary. Love the lyrics. And the guitar work is tasteful and articulate, to my ears. Enjoyed listening, good sir.
06/26/10 01:10:33PM @piperon:
The startup sound like a celtic music with the banjo like sound. But when the vocal kick in, the mood changes like a flip-over. Nevertheless, this is melodious and appreciative, like a thunderbird, endless flight. Great Collab! You are right, worth the listensing trip.

With million of love from Singapore.
Piperon - One and Only spiritual flute player on Earth.

06/26/10 05:15:20AM @the-sorrows-of-the-languedoc:
Which style can MP not sing - yeah big brooding rock sound expertly vocalised by the best singer on Mix. ftlpope
06/25/10 06:54:24PM @gabriel-sabadi:
Oh...did I mention 5 stars ;)
06/25/10 06:53:10PM @gabriel-sabadi:
Absolutely Brilliant!!!! Love the accoustic intro and the power that follows Gary. Mista, this is the 1st time I've heard your vox, have some serious pipes. A very enjoyable listen from 2 of my fav people !!!!!

Bravo guys

06/22/10 08:22:47PM @ofc:
Great job by all, really enjoyed the listen.
06/17/10 08:06:52PM @dj-jezza:
Awesome track guys, vey metallica/Pantera styled. (and i love these bands) - it also has a folk sounding tone to it, which is always another plus!

Great guitar, Great Vocals, Performance and arrangement :)


06/17/10 08:11:29PM @christina-crofts:
Hi guys - this is a great track! I love the way it builds! Great vocals and great guitars! Nice work!!!
06/18/10 12:41:22AM @tlt50:
Gentleman....Some extreme talent on this track.Yea' .....killar work. The musicianship....stands out,,,as does the production, writing and above all the performance of all involved. MP magical....vocals,,,,stellar harmonies...your amazing. Gary.....from the acoustic to the electric.... you're dead on.... +1 work...!! Phil... bravo on the the drums.....tight ,giving the solid groove this track needs. AWESOME Collab...big time excellence...:) WOW !!!

Larry T *****

06/17/10 07:23:39PM @joel-tuttle:
there's some nice acoustic guitar here...and mista perez has the greatest voice...and it leaves a nice mood.
if i might add some constructive alternatives.........
a hit isn't made by it's self what follows it is the knock out....just like you finish what you say you finish an idea in music...that makes a to play some really breakdown beat you've got to follow it through to a point that is comprehensible for it to register in our brain.....i'll say the rest in a blog...i'm sorry i thed anything at all........@@@>>>>!!!!!

bill b
06/17/10 10:05:37PM @bill-b:
Good recording of a well planned and executed track with an interesting arrangement.
06/17/10 04:48:29PM @josephrodz:
WOW! i suppost to hear a ballad,when i listen the intro but is a killer tune like Boston or Damn Yankee,awesome collab.
5/5 BTW you can hear it on my show today.

06/17/10 05:11:06PM @digger-stone:
wow! this is just great, i'm jelous! hahahahaha

well done fellas! 5/5 stars here as well!


Farrell Jackson
06/17/10 06:25:09PM @farrell-jackson:
Great track Guys! Gary the acoustic sounds fabulous as does the driving, sustaining power chords. Good vox Mr Perez and the harmonies are killer. Good work guys!


Jasmine Tea
06/22/10 05:46:16AM @jasmine-tea:
You guys make a great team. Mista Perez's vocals and lyrics fit this beautiful music perfectly. A very professional sound.


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