Gary Powers
Gary Powers

Turn Away

album: All On My Own
genre: Vocal
streams: 307

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You asked me, If I could come along with you, I said, "this is a place i've only walked, once before, through Heartache and on to Adore.......
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Life has it turns and what do you do what it comes 'to you" ?
Turn Away
10/03/09 10:42:49AM @gabriel-sabadi:
I understand Gary and well said. Lots of love to you!


10/03/09 09:32:43AM @the-sorrows-of-the-languedoc:
It worries me not that this sounds like a famous artist A&TJ because it is an excellent song well performed - the lack of drums and prominent bass are right. 2 chords only perhaps. Very good.


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