Gary Shukoski
Gary Shukoski


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@vigwig, 05/06/19 07:00:46PM
Hello friend it's me.
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@wricky, 03/06/17 10:18:15PM
Thanks for stopping by man, I owe you an aspirin :)
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@Shane, 03/06/17 07:46:54PM
I wanted to mention your track METRO. top marks bro! , also, at -4.32 , you come in with a magnificent section featuring lead guitar .
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@Farrell Jackson, 07/19/16 08:37:41PM
Hi Gary....welcome to Mixposure! You area talented musician with some great songs.

Check out Rayon Vert for decent prog and classic rock.

Farrell Jackson
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@WhereWolf, 07/15/16 12:15:50AM
Gary... Welcome to the MIX. It's always good to see you in chat... your music knowledge is remarkable. The music I've heard on the epic indeed ! All the best ,

Larry T
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@MoQuinn, 07/14/16 10:29:32PM
Gary - Joe Rodriguez shared the link for Shane's other page on MixPosure - this is it - White Rabbit
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@TCP, 07/07/16 09:53:46AM
Glad to be the first to sign your guestbook Gary. You obviously have talent that needs to be appreciated. And thanks for all the really nice comments on our page. It's great to have some experienced company in the prog genre and in both old and new parts of it to boot! Welcome man!! /Blake