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@MoQuinn, 10/18/18 09:37:24PM
Farewell for now my dear friend, Gene Smith ~ so sorry to see you leave us so soon ~ I hope you rest easy with no more pain ~ playing gigs in the heavens with our friends ~ you are loved & missed ~ Aloha oi ~ until we meet again
@Barefoot Music, 10/09/18 10:28:25PM
Thank you Gene for your mentoring and your friendship. You are missed enormously, rest easy now my dear friend.
@Beerhunter, 10/09/18 08:27:40PM
Goodbye my dear friend. May you find peace with your new gig. Lonnie
@Piyali, 03/16/16 04:32:34PM
Congratulation dear Gene for being the artist of the Month! Very well deserved! Much love and respect to you with big warm hugs!
@Scotswolfe, 03/04/16 08:00:22PM
Had to add my congrats to you on making AOTM Gene...well deserved for your music and all you do for others on the Mix.
Listening to "Noodling on a Breedlove " for the third time...this makes a great soundscape for relaxing .Carry on.

@Saturated, 03/01/16 09:08:54PM
Congrats on AOTM Gene!
@john.cogoli, 02/14/16 05:29:58AM
Thank you Gene for playing Steve last night. I am sorry that I had to leave quick.....John
@P Eric Bailey, 12/08/14 01:20:49PM
Thanks bro. Good to hear from you. I hope your holidays are filled with joy and perhaps another new guitar:)

@Chris Georgiou, 08/10/14 02:01:19PM
Thank you for your comment on RtF., apresicate it a lot.
All the best
Chris G.
@Ray Pitts, 05/22/14 03:03:58PM
Listening to 'simple Reflections' and finding myself loving the feel, the guitar, the lyrics .. a real pleasure listening in Gene ...
@harryv1, 01/10/14 10:30:52AM
Hi Gene, thanks for downloading the Pit, this song is no carrot cake :) It has a story of a girl who played it all night shortly after I uploaded it to reverbnation , she wrote to me the next day: I'm still alive listening to that song all night. These things really happen. Only sang this song once for a friend and once to record it. But it's a good one. Bests for 2014!
@Fender Bender, 12/22/13 12:23:34PM
Appreciated the song play last night ("The House") and had a good time on Chat! Keep up the good work!
@Michael Slider, 12/08/13 12:51:15PM
@kitmann, 11/27/13 12:06:46AM
Gene just wanted to let you know I up loaded a Christmas Song called Christmas Time In Heaven. I changed the genre to Holiday song 2012. I hope you enjoy the song.
Kit... Plus thank you so much for all you do for us. :)
@EuShique, 11/03/13 06:10:37PM
Listened to your music, and its beautiful. Really enjoyed it. Hope to hear more.
@songdoc, 10/29/13 12:15:14AM
Once again, thank you so much Gene for your comments.
@vigwig, 09/23/13 08:32:58AM
how do I download songs?
@mystirP, 09/06/13 09:40:37PM
catch you on the flip side
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Generally, "see you later."

The "flip side" is the reverse side of a vinyl record, a term often used by radio DJs. They might say "I'll catch you on the flip side" to mean they will let a particular album play through, and won't start talking again until they have to change or flip records.