George Shepherd
George Shepherd

Here's To Little Things

album: From the Rock Star Days
genre: Pop
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  Song Information
From July 1986. George Shepherd: Guitars, guitar synth John Coghill: vocals Pat Shepherd: Drums Richard Christensen: Bass
Here's To Little Things
08/14/10 11:53:00AM @mark-reed:
This is an excellent song, not what i expected having heard a lot of your acoustic works. The song has a great hook to the chorus which sticks. Tight sound with some great individual performances. I enjoyed this one well done
08/17/08 03:46:11PM @blue-sahara:
Great capture of a live performance. Wonderful song; melodic and easy to hum along. That's what I like :-)
Great vocals, and that bass line is really doing it for me! Wonderful harmonies too. I've always liked your music, George! All the best for all your upcoming projects!

12/30/07 11:27:50PM @vesa:
Here's to the Little Things'- most unique; a bit of a departure from whatI heard earlier. Good band sound; all in their right placememnt; fine sound mix. Love the vocals; harmonies are right on.
Guitars sound fine; like the latin style solo; neat tone, really stands out well...great percussives,good flute, great lyrics.
A most fine composition. EXCELLENT.


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