George Shepherd
George Shepherd

'Cause We've Ended as Whatevers

album: Backing Tracks are your friend
genre: Instrumental
streams: 631

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Got this from the Same Backing Track Madness section and played over it. Fun. Sounds llike a classic Jeff Beck Cover of Stevie Wonder's song. Guitar == Hamer...
'Cause We've Ended as Whatevers
09/09/10 01:03:07PM @mark-reed:
I have heard this piece somewhere before, not sure where though. This is an incredibly atmospheric piece with a super backing. Guitar is honey laced and sweet. Excellent work
11/28/07 02:14:40AM @shane:
dreamy, jazzy. i like it. You have a great touch at wringing out emotive and loveable tones from that guitar. fine work. Listening to this,,, it makes me feel that it is a terrible shame that life can be so busy. I can only guess that people don't take time like it used to be,, to just listen to music. My guess is that people listen in a hurry. not their fault. theres just not enough time.
In a car, this would serve so well- to listen while travelling.


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