The Grandees Of Bangor
The Grandees Of Bangor
The Grandees Of Bangor

Poor Pitiful Me

genre: Blues/Rock
streams: 24

  Song Lyrics
Well I lay my head on the railroad trackWaiting for the Double EBut the train don't run by here no morePoor poor pitiful me Poor poor pitiful mePoor poor...
  Song Information
A twisted ditty by Warren Zevon. Licensed through the publisher.
Poor Pitiful Me
10/22/19 10:29:29PM @moquinn:
Love what you have done with this song!!
Frank Northcutt
10/22/19 08:09:19PM @frank-northcutt:
Great take on the Zevon classic. Like the raw, minimalist arrangement. Has a lot of life. Cool slide and nice performance all around!


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