Shouting At The Moon

album: Return To Fantasy
genre: Art Rock
streams: 463

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I see picturesI see pictures in my sleepAnd all the world excites meBut it touches me so deepOh so deep And out of all injusticeI search for what is trueIf...
Shouting At The Moon
Farrell Jackson
10/16/11 01:03:56PM @farrell-jackson:
More than excellent.....I'm searching for the right words to describe how well this is recorded, processed, mixed, produced and performed.....GSM just reset the home studio bar to a higher level....very professional in every aspect.....amazing work!


10/16/11 12:35:56PM @shane:
Shouting at the Moon, is excellent you guys.
Chris, it's great to hear your vocal on this new track-

this is an epic admirable feel good ecstacy progressive uplifting quality rock anthem. -i likey

Rob Grant
10/16/11 12:01:17PM @rayon-vert:
SUPER!!!! MAN!! This is pure Pro-Prog!!! Hints of the Moody Blues.........the production.....such a full sound. ALL Excellent playing. GREAT Song!!! +++++ LOVE Chris's vocals.


10/16/11 04:03:40AM @cooter:
Wow. What a wonderful piece of music.

Love the lyrics, and the bed in which they lay is equally beautiful. Music to listen to and be experienced. And an amazing experience it is. Mighty nicely done, gentlemen.

Love it.


10/15/11 07:02:25PM @tlt50:
I don't shout....but I'll howl...LOL !~! Yes...the production,talents of amazingly gifted muso's . Such a well crafted song...attention to details..BRAVO !! Admire the changes..BRILLIANT,.... my friends,,,,AwwwwwwwwwwwwwOoooooo !~!

10/15/11 10:16:41AM @david-c-deal:
I love this song. The first thing that strikes me is the production. The clarity, power, separation is simply stupendous. Did you use outboard compressors, equalizers etc or computer based? The lyrics are so moving on this and the musicianship, well what can I say. This is a 5+ work in my book.
10/15/11 07:05:42AM @bri-an:'s about time a GSM toon surfaced to get air....and airtime it should have... a little different you say?...ok maybe in the presence....and delivery, but it's still very GSM with the excellent vocal stylings of Chris Moore...
Guitarwork is killer as usual, and Gabe has the gift of separation that is in itself, legendary among his piers in the audio realm. A great combination...a recipe for success...ya...take you time guys. Alexis has it right, most excellent toon.


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