album: Return To Fantasy
genre: Art Rock
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Getting through the passing yearsAnd making out through the joy and tearsAnd it's overTime is all we have to shareAnd we burn it up till there's nothing...
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And then there were four...Lazarus is our first song featuring drums from Mike Aurigemma, our latest addition. Welcome Mike! Gabriel Sabadi - MusicChris...
06/27/12 10:19:45PM @david-c-deal:
Welcome Mike to this fine group of musicians! 4:26? lol

Cool guitar work on the solo...I imagine there will be a CD full of songs to follow up this opener?

06/27/12 07:38:50PM @cooter:
What a wonderful tune, guys. You three, and now Mike, so 4, fit each other musically like a glove.

Since Gabe is involved, I'm surprised it's only 4:26. ;-) More, really would have been more in this case, to my ears at least. But then, that's what the play button is for. Oh, and look, it works too.

I may listen 2 or 3 more times. This is a wonderful tune. From writing all the way through turning it loose, top drawer. Love it.


06/28/12 06:10:40PM @marie-dailly:
Absolutely superb, guys! What a fantastic song, the harmonies, the lyrics, the.....the... the...., och you get the picture, lol!
I dont have time to type, I want to listen, lol!
Congrats on your GSM debut Mike, and Chris, Gabe & Chris, you never dissapoint. But you did surprise me lol! Id sat here expecting about 10-15 mins, so I thought my hearing had gone!!
GSM= Great Sounding Music!
Marie :D

07/07/12 11:47:00AM @mr-p:
Oh my. wow. This is really nice. I read the lyrics and now I think I understand the song better. Wow.

Mr. P


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